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5 Ways to Earn Money by Playing Video Games


We know how fast the gaming industry is expanding, battle royal games like Fortnite, Valorant, Apex Legends or we can talk about the open world RPG games but earning money by playing video games, yup its definitely possible. There are many ways to earn money from video games but here i am talking about 5 most popular ways by which you can definitely get your wallet filled. Read below…

E Sports

Tournaments are commonplace for PvP games, and the more popular the game, the larger the prize pools become. If you’re skilled enough to join an esports organization, you may be able to earn a livable salary through winnings and sponsorships. Most competitive gamers also take advantage of Live Streams (#1) for additional income.

Twitch Streamer and Youtubers

Create a daily, weekly, or monthly show related to gaming. It could be an opinion-based roundtable discussion, a series of interviews with high-profile players, tips and tricks for a specific game, etc. Podcasts and YouTube videos can be monetized with ads, but this format can also be supported through Patreon subscriptions.

Streamers video themselves playing video games and often make comments while they play. The viewer can see the streamer and the game as they see it as they play. Most make funny commentary while they play. Plays are hosted on video sites such as YouTube.The barrier for becoming a streamer is fairly low, so numerous people do it. Few make any money doing it. The best make millions. If you get a following, it could be a good way to make a living, but, once again, it’s difficult to rise above the rabble.

The number of people who make a living at this is probably about the same who make livings as professional actors or comedians.

Video Game Journalism

To get started as a journalist, you’ll most likely need at least a bachelor’s degree in journalism and some journalistic experience (like the school paper and/or an internship). Speaking of internships, an unpaid internship is a great way to get your foot in the door as a game journalist!

Either join an existing site or launch your own and start writing news, reviews, and interviews for a specific game, genre, or industry. If writing for an existing site, you can get paid on a per-article basis as a freelancer. If starting your own site, you can monetize your traffic with ads or Patreon subscriptions.

Game Tester and Development

Games go through various phases of development. Near completion, developers need outsiders to playtest their games with fresh eyes. As a playtester, your job is to test everything the developer wants you to test, which includes finding and documenting bugs and issues.

Game testing is hard, but rarely fun. Imagine playing the same level of the same game hour after hour after hour… This is game testing.Not only do you have to be a passable player, you also have to be a good communicator. You have to be able to explain how to replicate a bug in detail. You have to know what data is important and which is irrelevant.


YouTube Sponsorships have become an integral part of any meaningful gaming campaign due to a massive following by engaged audiences. And as the 152 billion gaming industry continues to grow at unprecedented rates, Twitch and YouTube gaming channels are poised to capitalize on the industry’s growth, reach, and engagement. To acquire sponsors, the first thing you need to do is prepare to impress them. Make sure your channel displays precisely what you envisioned. You will then want to search for brands that you like that might be interested in sponsoring you. It is also essential to consider whether or not you would use their products. This is important as you will be marketing for that brand!



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